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11:59 pm
tags:I'm so fucked  no health insurance  :(  

I’m starting to worry. I tried to walk to the bathroom about 5 feet from my bed and I could barely do it. I think something is cracked. 

  1. lunettesderouge said: If you’re not on summer classes Norris health center on campus is a $50 fee. I don’t think they’re very good. I would go to the Walgreens take care clinic. They’re much better. Oakland doesn’t have it only Brady St. Do you have a friend with a car?
  2. brewedawakening said: Put at ice pack on it for no longer than 20 mins & keep it elevated. the pain would be really Really intense if it was cracked, you might have strained a ligament or tendon. You might need a boot. Im sure uwm has a student health services thing? :/
  3. science-baker said: If you’re a full-time student and your parents have insurance, yer covered.
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